What is SkyFair?

SkyFair is a virtual platform to host an exhibition online by integrating the Organisers, Exhibitors and Visitors With an array of exciting features, the SkyFair platform gives an exhibition experience and has a lot more to offer

types of
Exhibitions we can host
  • Trade Fairs

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  • Lifestyle Exhibitions

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  • Interior Design Fair

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  • Furniture Expo

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  • Job Fair

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  • Fundraisers For Charity

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  • Designer Studios

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  • Virtual Open House

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Packed with World Class Features
for organisers
  • Exhibitor Management

    Providing stalls to exhibitors to display their products & services

  • Web Dashboard

    To manage the event efficiently through the website

  • Visitor Management

    To help and manage visitors

  • Branding Management

    Branding facilty is available

  • Get Connected

    Excellent opportunity to connect retailers/exhibitors/shoppers

  • Technical Support

    Backed by unbeatable technical support

for exhibitors
A Platform to sell your products/services globally
  • Mega Sales opportunity

    Attract visitors to your stall by giving exciting deals

  • Booth Design

    Multiple Stall/Booth Options

  • Product Display

    Just setup your product display at your shop/home

  • Gather Information

    Get the data of customers who showed interest in your product

  • Live Chat

    Get ready to sell to customers via Video Call. Live!

  • Product Content

    To provide their catalogue/business card virtually

  • Sponsorship

    Various sponsorship opportunities to place your Ads

  • Promotions

    Promotions through organisers huge established client base

  • Wide Customer Base

    Your sale is not restricted to your store’s local area

for visitors
Delightful browsing experience
  • Browsing Experience

    Quick and comfortable browsing experience

  • Live Chat

    To have live Whatsapp chat facility with exhibitors

  • Gather Information

    To collect contact information of exhibitors via business cards and catalogues

  • Video Call

    To have video call facility with exhibitors

  • Product Preview

    Easy Preview of products from your home

  • Best Deals

    Get best discounts

  • Easily Accessible

    Get access to the best products without searching pages on pages

  • Fearless Shopping

    No fear, No masks needed

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